Scout Medallion Awarded at Pimlico Mundingburra

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Medallion01.jpg (48198 bytes)
Chris is Presented with Medallion from G.L. Magpie
Medallion02.jpg (52344 bytes)
Left Handshake from G.L. Magpie
Medallion03.jpg (50961 bytes)
Jakala Presents Chris with his Medallion Badge
Medallion04.jpg (98600 bytes)
Still Trying to get that pin in
Medallion05.jpg (49063 bytes)
I'm so Proud!
Says Mum in background.
Medallion06.jpg (54620 bytes)
Cake for Everyone
Medallion07.jpg (81715 bytes)
Chris Goes to Government House
Medallion08.jpg (34631 bytes)
Government House in the Background
Medallion09.jpg (32236 bytes)
A bit closer
Medallion10.jpg (27463 bytes)
Up Close.
Yes its Chris at Government House
Medallion11.jpg (99394 bytes)
Presentation on the Lawns of Government House
Medallion12.jpg (77413 bytes)
On the steps of Government House
Medallion13.jpg (27140 bytes)
With Medallion and Certificate
Medallion14.jpg (73698 bytes)
Steve and Sandra were there too
Medallion15.jpg (98890 bytes)
Thats Rikki, Chris, Magpie
Medallion16.jpg (75689 bytes) Medallion17.jpg (103256 bytes) Medallion18.jpg (101092 bytes) Medallion19.jpg (100994 bytes)

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