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Joey Scouts
Boys and Girls 6 to 8 years

Caring, Sharing and Discovering! Joey Scouts meet once a week, on Monday evenings from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. We have up to 20 Joey Scouts forming our Joey Scout Mob under the supervision of trained Joey Scout Leaders and helpers.

Joey Scouts are taught about sharing, about nature and about the world around them. Joey Scouts are given a sense of belonging and learn ways for creative expression. Most importantly, Joey Scouts are taught to jump in and help. The Joey Scout theme is:

'Help other people' (H.O.P.)

The Joey Scout section provides an introduction to scouting. The learning experience should be related to nature and discovery, Self, Fun and helping others. This is achieved through well balanced programmes which include the following activities:

We go on outings to places such as the Fire Station, Police Station or Ambulance Station. Occasionally guest speakers are invited along to our meetings to share an activity with us.


Joey Scouts wear the new uniform and scarf to show they're a member of a Joey Scout Mob. Shoes or joggers must be worn. No thongs. A sensible hat is to be worn outdoors during the day.
For more details see UNIFORM

Enrolment Fee, Group Levy, Subscriptions

See Fees and Charges

Parent/Guardian Interviews

This is a short interview with the parents/guardians to discuss section and answer questions. This is preferably held prior to the child's first day at a venue and time to be arranged.


On the first day parents should bring the completed enrolment form and required joining fee.


At the den a ratio of adults to Joey Scouts is to be 1:5. Preferably two warranted leaders with parent helpers. For outings a ratio of 1:4 is preferred.

[Joe Scout Helpers (15 to 18 years) are similar to Cub Scout instructors so they can't be held responsible for sole supervision.]

Ways in Which Parents Can Help Joey Scout Mob/Group

  1. Transport to outings
  2. Mob holiday eg. Cooking, helping to prepare for activities and cleaning up etc.
  3. Fund raising ventures.
  4. Group Committee position if required.
  5. Help Committee with recruitment of suitable leaders.
I promise to do my best
To love my God
And be helpful
A Joey Scout cares
A Joey Scout shares

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