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Queensland Branch Scouting Website Policy states that "To protect the privacy of Leaders and adult members, personal contact details must not be made available on Scouting web sites".

There is a phone at our den. Any emergency calls for members at the den can be made through the Group Leader or Assistant Group Leader.
Any phone numbers listed here have been done so with permission from that person.




Group Leader  
Assistant Group Leader    
JoeyScout Leaders    
CubScout Leaders    
Scout Leaders    
Venturer Leader    
Committee Chair    
Scout Den  only when meetings are on and someone hears the phone   

The above e-mail addresses are not personal e-mails. The messages sent to these address will be forwarded to the respective leader by the moderator.

Snail Mail

If you have to send us a hard copy of something, our mailing address is:

Pimlico Mundingburra Scout Group
P.O. Box 73
Aitkenvale Qld 4814

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